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Library of Dental Polls and Consumer Opinion Research Surveys
  • General Poll: A general information poll for Denture wearers. Participate in this poll to see how your experiences and outlook compare with thousands of other denture users.

  • Low Cost Denture Poll: Inexpensive dentures provide a treatment choice that succeeds for many patients.... but doesn't for many others. The key element that determines fit, comfort and useability is the degree of symmetrical bone level and gum tissue characteristics. Take the poll and discover the "missing procedures" that many unhappy denture wearers don't "automatically receive" when purchasing the lowest cost denture product.

  • Denture "Comfort" Poll: Learn surprising information about how important "comfort is"... who wants it the most... and how many people are willing to do what is necessary to get it.

  • Extreme Makeover Dentures Poll: Is an Extreme Makeover possible with dentures?

    Yes... there are indeed opportunities to obtain dentures that nearly rival the cosmetic outcome of "traditional makeover dentistry." Dentures can be made with premium porcelain products and fitted with upper and lower mini dental implants. Finding the dentists who provide this service is difficult. Affordability may also be an issue for some. Participate in this poll to add your "voice"!

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